10 handy food shopping tips that help you to lose weight

Written on the 19 January 2015 by Studio Pilates

Did you know that losing weight all starts when you walk through the supermarket doors...?

We all find it hard to resist the lure of decadent food. Unless of course you have iron clad will power total self control that is. Sadly, most of us don't and if you're goal is to lose weight then you might need to consider shopping differently to get optimum results from your Pilates workouts. 

Here's my top 10 quick tips on shopping to lose weight:

Plan most of your big meals at the beginning of each week.

Do not plan for every meal you will have leftovers, sometimes you may not be hungry and not feel like a big meal, you may want to make up a mix-and-match meal to use up all the vegetables, or may end up eating out etc. This will prevent you throwing out and wasting food you don' teat, or overeating to eat up all the food you have bought so it doesn't go to waste.

Prior to going to the store, make an exact list of what you need and stick to it!

Never shop hungry.

Don't overbuy and don't let the kids talk you into buying junk food.

Try to buy local, fresh, or organic ingredients when possible.

Buy plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and keep them on hand so that when you want a late night snack, you have something healthy to reach for.

Stock up on frozen fruit and vegetables, especially when they are out of season.

Stay away from canned goods, as often they contain a high amount of sodium. However, I often buy canned beans and legumes (lentils, chickpeas, beans etc.), but I rinse then with water before cooking to wash away the excess salt and sugar.

Avoid buying junk food - chips, lollies, ice-cream, popcorn and the worst culprit soft drinks. Even diet soft drinks are a no-no. They are full of chemicals and will make your sugar cravings worse, even if they do not contain real sugar in them.

So in short, if it's in your cupboard, fridge or freezer, you will feel more tempted to indulge so why tempt yourself...nip the problem in the bud and shop smart, shop healthy and remove the temptation in the first place.


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Author: Studio Pilates