5 ways Pilates can boost your fitness business profits

Written on the 21 January 2015 by Studio Pilates

Want to boost your health and fitness business profits? Find out how Pilates might just be the key to your success. 

1. By increasing your skills or those of your team members, you increase profits

The best investment one can make in business is investing in enhancing the quality of the service that you provide. That is why people come to you and pay for your service right? Investing in new skills for you or your team gets you an instant quality lift that gets noticed by customers.

Some skills you can pass on yourself (if you have the time that is), for others you need the unique skill set of someone highly experienced in that certain area to share their knowledge, so an external course provider is needed.

Investing in a course and enhancing the skills of your team has a positive effect to your business in three ways.

1. It raises the level of service which gets noticed by customers and so they feel more confident in coming again and for longer.
2. Because of this, the client gets better results and their friends are more likely to ask "what have you been doing...you look amazing" and you gain a referral.
3. Your team member feels like they are being invested in professionally which increases employee loyalty and improves client retention and time retraining a new team member.

All of these things add up to a time saving and most importantly a significant monetary and profit enhancement.

When sizing up whether or not to invest in a training course for you or your team member, ask yourself how many clients do you need to attract to cover the cost of the course and for how long do they need to keep coming to make that investment pay for itself? If you're a personal trainer or PT

studio owner the answer is probably just one client....

2. Pilates attracts you more clientele

By offering Pilates to your clients you can attract more clientele that you wouldn't have had exposure to otherwise. So many people have heard about Pilates and they want to do it but they don't have access to good classes.

By providing Pilates classes, small group sessions, or personal Pilates training, you now attract people who are looking for results but want to do it a different way. Pilates is desirable amongst women in particular, if you pick up any women's magazine and you'll read about a Hollywood celebrity who credits Pilates as their exercise method of choice to stay toned, trim and lean.

This makes Pilates that much more desirable and Hollywood celebrities help to do most of your marketing for you!

3. Pilates boosts the attractiveness of your health and fitness offering

It's very simple. Offer more complimentary services and you have, the more options you have to cross sell or up sell to your customers. Having these options in turn boosts your revenue and the attractiveness of your health and fitness offering of your business.

4. A high price point means good profitability

Because quality Pilates instruction and classes are so desirable and yet so hard to find, the price you can charge for your newly acquired skills is high. A high price point means a high profit margin and more money for you at the end of the day.

5. Pilates keeps overheads low and gives maximum bang for your buck

If you're a mobile personal trainer all the equipment you need to do a Pilates session with a client is a comfortable mat which you can simply roll up and take to the next client....

If you're a PT studio owner, the investment in a Pilates machine such as a reformer, adds a massive wow factor when clients view your studio and compared to a treadmill or a weights machine a reformer comes at a fraction of the cost.

So by adding Pilates to your offering, you keep your overheads low, you're sure to get maximum bang for your buck and a Pilates course is an investment that will pay dividends for a long time into the future.



Author: Studio Pilates