About Pilates

Written on the 23 December 2015 by Studio Pilates

About Pilates is focused on shedding some light onto the sometimes complex nature of Pilates classes and studios and finding what type of Pilates is best suited to you.

About Pilates classes; Pilates classes are a fantastic way to tone up, get fit, increase flexibility, increase core stability and a whole bunch more. Pilates classes are often found at your local gym or health club and usually go for about one hour. Pilates classes are usually performed on a mat in a group setting. Pilates mat classes are designed for healthy and injury free bodies and can be a really good way to incorporate some core work into your gym routine.

About Pilates studios; Pilates studios are harder to find than Pilates mat classes as there is equipment involved and this can be quite expensive to purchase and the instructor must undergo detailed training on the equipment. Pilates studios are perfect for those wanting to take their Pilates class to the next level and experience Pilates as it was meant to be.

In a Pilates studio you can do all that you can in a Pilates mat class and much more including injury rehabilitation and pre and post pregnancy workout too.

About Pilates Reformers; Pilates reformers are the main machine that is used in your typical Pilates studio. The Pilates Reformer resembles a bed with pulleys and springs which can sometimes look a little scary.

The Pilates Reformer is a great way to do your Pilates class as it expands the amount of exercises you can perform, targeting other muscles and areas of the body that you can't work out in a Pilates mat based class.

This is just the tip of the Pilates iceberg really, but I trust you've gained a little bit knowledge about Pilates.





Author: Studio Pilates