Actress Denise Richards has found the exercise which is right for her - Pilates!

Written on the 1 September 2015 by Studio Pilates


Denise Richards looked glowing and healthy when she stepped out to a exercise class in Malibu. The 44-year old actress was relaxed in a white singlet crop and loose yoga pants, which revealed her toned abs, arms and legs. She revealed to Self magazine that she is very active and has found the types of exercise which work for her, "For me it's Pilates and dance."

She also told the magazine that her diet is important for her to not only look great, but to feel great as well, "My diet is 80 percent vegetarian and I eat all day long. I have lots of little meals; it's best for me. I found eating three big meals I felt too full and got tired especially after lunch."

However the Anger Management star does treat herself, splurging on ice cream and pretzels.

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Author: Studio Pilates