Are you a Victor or a Victim?

Written on the 20 January 2015 by Studio Pilates

Want to learn how to break down and break through the victim mentality that plagues so many of us and limits our potential? Want to find out what is preventing so many of us from achieving success? Well....keep reading.

What I want you to do is picture a horizontal line and you can be above the line or below this line in your attitude, your mentality or thinking about any given situation.

Now if you're below the line your attitude is that of the victim, you have a victim mindset and you probably feel the world owes you everything... that you're hard done by. The three main traits of this mentality or mindset is Blame, Excuses and Denial.

When it comes to your current weight you might choose to try and blame your genes, your hormones, your parents, society. You make excuses why you are overweight, why it's too hard to change, why you can't exercise, you're too busy, you can't get into a routine whatever, you're in complete denial about how you got into that situation in the first place.

If you are above the line then you have a victor mentality or mindset. A victor takes ownership over the situation, if it's your weight that's the issue for example then you take ownership over the fact that you have been inactive and you've eaten poorly for so long, you haven't made exercise a priority.

You're accountable to the actions you take and you accept responsibility for making the changes necessary and you make it happen.

The question is what mindset are you? Are you playing above the line and you are a victor? Or are you a victim?




Author: Studio Pilates