Breakfast - Ideas and tips

Written on the 21 January 2015 by Studio Pilates

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Other breakfast ideas

Make your own uncooked muesli using rolled oats or quinol flakes, your choice of nuts and seeds, sprinkle of cinnamon and some chopped fruit such as fresh dates or prunes, or banana or grated apple. Serve with your choice of low fat milk, soy milk or rice milk.

Other cereal choices:

Almost all cereals contain a fair amount of sugar, good choices are Carmen's brand untoasted muesli, and also Sanitarium and Uncle Toby's wheat bix varieties the whole grain, multigrain and oat options.

You can eat any salad, fruit, nuts, seeds, and natural cows or goat's yogurt, vegetables or leftovers for breakfast.

Fresh vegetable juices such as carrot, celery and ginger are a great way to start the day. Avoid too much juice, especially fruit juice, as it is very high in sugars (even though they are natural sugars, they are still sugars) without the fibre to make you feel full.

Do not skip breakfast as it will slow your metabolism. If not hungry in the morning, just eat something light such as fresh fruit and nuts. Also if you skip breakfast you will be more likely to eat more midmorning snacks and junk food.


Author: Studio Pilates