Client Success Story: Charlotte from Hawthorne

Written on the 19 January 2015 by Studio Pilates

Charlotte's amazing results really speak for themselves. With a massive 18kg lost in 8 weeks no one can doubt Charlotte's dedication and commitment over that time. 

With six children to care for, it's also truly inspirational that her family rallied around her and obviously gave her the support she needed to be able to achieve such a massive result. 

Charlotte faced many physical challenges along the way to success which she tackled and didn't let them slow her down.

My hat is off to you Charlotte, you've shown others that it's possible to achieve great things and you've inspired me too....

Well Done!

Jade Winter - Co-Founder of Studio Pilates International

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Charlotte's success story is just one of many...will yours be the next one?

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Author: Studio Pilates