Client Success Story: Dianne from Hawthorne

Written on the 19 January 2015 by Studio Pilates

Di from Hawthorne has been with us here at Studio Pilates since the beginning, so for nearly a decade now she has been achieving some great results especially in the last 8 months. We put these questions to Di to learn more about her Studio Pilates journey and the secret to her recent success.

When did you start/how long they have been doing Pilates with us?

My partner and I started 'at the beginning' with Studio Pilates about August 2002 (?). We are about to start our tenth year very soon.

What made you start Pilates?

Since the early nineties, I'd been following an unnamed dance version of what turned out to be a form of Pilates. An elderly (and stroppy) former Russian ballet master had started classes in the former Anglican Church hall in Agnew Street, Norman Park. People used to come from far and wide; I came from Tarragindi back then. When Mischa returned to Europe in the mid nineties, a couple of his acolytes continued to take classes around different venues in Brisbane: various gyms; halls; under-the-house. It was addictive to music! But then they moved on

So when Studio Pilates started mat classes at Active Life Gym, we both found something we loved and which suited our bodies and energies. We could feel it doing us good. We then moved to the Studio sessions with Jade and Tanya Winter and haven't looked back.

What has been your biggest result from doing Studio Pilates?

Long term, it enabled me to work at a mostly sedentary job until I was 65 last year, and to counteract the skeletal and muscular ill-effects. Since then, Studio Pilates and the 'R' word have enabled me to shed 10 kg in the last eight monthswhich, in turn, helped me avoid starting blood pressure medication. That was a big motivation. My doctor was happy. My health fund should be too.

What challenges or adversities have you faced with your training and how did you overcome them?

Through having fun with growing grandchildren, about seven years ago I discovered that I had activated a longstanding skeletal weakness which then resulted in a couple of injuries during the next two years. Through physio on both occasions and consistent, guided exercise with Studio Pilates, I have become even more body-aware and can moderate my exercise and other physical activity accordingly.

What is it that motivates you to keep going?

  • My partner's companionship and support in exerciseparticularly, our shared enjoyment of Pilates. We do it because it really works for us. We're in it for the long haul
  • Customised professional advice by caring and enthusiastic Studio Pilates instructors
  • A complimentary Studio Pilates workshop and literature on exercise and nutrition last October kick-started my health comeback after a difficult year. I had just needed to be toldagain!

What do you do for cardio if any?

  • Now with more time, my commitment to long walks, including hills, about five days a week is as strong as to my weekly Pilates session. Ten thousand steps is the goal every day.
  • Swimming when possible.

What do you love the most about exercise/Pilates?

The sense of satisfaction, well-being, physical competence and, of course, looking as good as you have the potential to do at any age are the rewards of Pilates. It has steered me through my own generational change, both physical and occupational. It hasn't always been straightforward, but the general trajectory is to good health and fitness for the rest of our 'golden days'.



Author: Studio Pilates