Client Success Story: Jodie from Coorparoo

Written on the 19 January 2015 by Studio Pilates

When did you start/how long have you been doing Pilates with us?

I honestly can't remember, maybe 5 or 6 years now.

What made you start Pilates?

I had always exercised but could never get the tone I was after and wasn't happy with my overall bodyshape. I started doing the mat classes at the gym with Jade and was told you could get better results from going to the studio and so I gave it a try.

What has been your biggest result from doing Studio Pilates?

This will probably sound silly but one thing for me is that fact that I am now comfortable wearing jeans. Doing Pilates has really helped with my bodyshape. For a while there I was doing Pilates 5 times a week and had never been so toned.  Now however, I don't have as much free time, I try for 2 - 3 times a week but most times I'm lucky for 2.

I find with all the other exercise I do, if I can do Pilates twice a week I am happy with the amount of muscle tone I have and also my general shape. I also think that having done pilates for a few years before I got pregnant and then continuing to do it through my pregnancy not only helped get through pregnancy and childbirth but also in getting back into shape after having my baby.

While I still have a little way to go to get my stomach as strong as it was before getting pregnant, for the first time in my adult life last month I had the confidence to swim and walk along the beach in my bikini, no board shorts or shirt.

What challenges or adversities have you faced with your training and how did you overcome them?

My biggest challenge has probably always been having enough time. I've had a few injuries also but the great thing about Pilates is that I didn't have to stop exercising the instructors would just work around the injuries.

What is it that motivates you to keep going?

I really enjoy doing Pilates and the results keep me going.

What do you do for cardio if any?

I swim twice a week, walk and jog a few times a week. I did my first triathlon a few months ago and would like to do more, so will be starting to ride more too.

What do you love the most about exercise/Pilates?

I find if I'm tired, had bad day etc and don't feel like going to my class, if I push myself to go I always feel so much better after. I always leave feeling refreshed and more relaxed, regardless how hard I'm worked.

Exercising regularly keeps not only my body but my mind healthy too. Especially now with a baby, getting out and exercising is just getting a little bit of me time and it gives me more energy also to keep up with my daughter and all the things you need to be able to do as a working mum.

How have you found Pilates in helping your recovery from your first pregnancy?

Its been great, my recovery has been very quick and I think Pilates has definitely played a part in that. I've bounced back into shape quickly through exercising regularly and eating well. I think there are always parts of your body you want to improve on but I guess that's why you keep going.

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Author: Studio Pilates