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Written on the 19 January 2015 by Studio Pilates

Studio Pilates International does much more than run innovative Pilates classes; they assist in improving client's overall health and lives for the better. With Director Jade Winter's Results by Jade Weight Loss program, many clients have seen drastic weight loss results and have amazing stories to tell. I had the pleasure of watching one such client, Jenny, go through her own weight loss journey with the program and lose an incredible 15 kilograms! 

When and why did you decide to join the Results program?

I joined the Results program in August 2011, when my three year old started one day a week at Day Care. I returned to Pilates after a long break while I was focussing on my young family. I decided to make use of the free time to invest in my fitness. I decided to lose weight after my weight had moved into the unhealthy weight range for the first time in my life and the results program seemed like a good option for me. My initial goal was to lose 10 kilograms. 

What challenges or adversities did you face whilst on the program and how did you overcome them?

My biggest challenge is tiredness. I am a light sleeper, have wakeful children and a cat who demands personalised attention rather than operating the cat door himself. Consequently I am up two or three times per night most nights. When the alarm goes at 5.30am in the morning it is not always easy to get up and go for a walk!  Being tired also increases the craving for carbohydrates! It is also very difficult for me to do a home Pilates work out with a 3 year old climbing on me!  It certainly increased the difficulty level, but realistically I had to find a time when someone could keep him busy.

Did you find that the content in the weekly Results by Jade emails assisted you with your goal?

The weekly emails definitely kept me honest and helped me to stay on track. I enjoyed reading the articles. They were pitched just right, informative without being patronising or unrealistic. They were a good balance between nutrition and fitness. Not too food obsessed and not too extreme physically for a non sporty being (me).

Did you find the eating plan, shopping list and recipes on the program helpful?

I found the eating plan and recipe ideas a great resource.  It is not easy to come up with ideas for every meal. Sometimes the meal would be very simple, but it was nice not to have to make a decision about what to eat.

What motivated you to keep going with the program throughout the 12 weeks?

I think the weekly emails, weigh-ins and accountability were the main factors. I had also strayed into the unhealthy weight range for the first time in my life and wanted to make a commitment to getting healthy again.

When did you start to see results on the program? 

I remember feeling better within the first few weeks. Clothes felt looser and the anxiety about making poor food choices was not there because I stuck with the healthy choices. In making one big decision (to do the program) the many smaller decisions over what to eat or whether or not to get out of bed and go for a walk were already made.

What did you do for cardiovascular exercise?

For cardio I walked.  I started with a low level of fitness so usually walked about 50 minutes 4 times per week. When I started doing some serious hill walking the numbers on the scales went down much more quickly.

How often did you do Pilates whilst on the program?

Once per week in the Studio and once per week at home.

What do you love most about Pilates?

I love that Pilates is efficient. In 45 minutes I can work all the major muscle groups. Because the supervision of technique is so focused (in the studio) I don't end up injuring myself.

Do you have any tips for other members on the results program?

While I am not a model results participant, as in most things persistence pays off. I think I lost my 10kg in 14 rather than 12 weeks. Towards the end of the 12 weeks I had not quite reached my goal. (I confess I don't love exercise and no one else in my family gave up chocolate) Rather than give up I thought along the lines that my weight-loss goal was for the long term and that an extra fortnight to shift a couple of kilograms was not a big deal. 

While by no means necessary, I purchased a SWISS DIAMOND fry pan which is fantastic for oil free cooking and easy to clean.

On particularly tired days it would have been easy to overeat if not for the Studio Pilates Body Tone Protein bars. They taste great, (choc-orange) and the protein kept me going.

You lost an amazing 10 kilograms the first time around on the program Jenny! How did you feel when you achieved this? 

I felt very happy and satisfied to have lost 10KG. I felt more confident about my body and about achieving the goal.

How did you reward yourself when you completed the program?
New jeans!

Jenny cannot get enough of the Results Program....

Jenny's new goal that she set in late March 2012 was to commence the Results by Jade program a second time around in an effort to lose another 5 kilograms. Jenny admitted that as with her first time around she was a little nervous about being able to lose the weight, but that she also felt very excited to be back on track with her health. In the first week of the program, Jenny lost 1.7 kilograms! She was very happy with this result and informed me that she was going to up the ante with exercise.  

Jenny battled through quite a few weeks of illness the second time round, as well as other challenges, however she did not let these get in her way of achieving her five kilogram weight loss goal. Jenny also increased her Pilates classes to two times a week in the studio whenever she could as well as fitting in a Pilates workout at home, not an easy feat when she had both a dog and a daughter competing for a position on her lap! 

Jenny lost 15 kilograms in total and has kept this weight off since completing the program which is an incredible achievement. Jenny informs that she has given away all of her old clothes that are several sizes too big for her now and is serious about maintaining her current weight. Jenny hopes that her story encourages others to give the Results by Jade program a try. 

Would you recommend the Results by Jade program to others?
I would recommend the program. It works! I also like that it is not obsessed with calorie counting. It is very pragmatic in using feedback from the scales to help adjust food intake and exercise levels. I think the accountability and encouragement are very important factors. The On-line format works well for me. Going to meeting a la weight watchers is much too time consuming (and too food obsessed) while reading a self help book would never have motivated me enough! So thank you!

Don't thank us Jenny, you did it all yourself!! 

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Author: Studio Pilates