Detroit Lions player Stephen Tulloch rehabs from injury with Pilates

Written on the 19 May 2015 by Studio Pilates


Detroit Lions middle linebacker Stephen Tulloch is healthy and ready to play this season after a torn ACL in Week 3 of the previous NFL season sidelined him. 

He told ESPN, that he's, "excited about it. It's a blessing to be able to bounce back the way that I have and to be able to feel as good as I feel to be able to get out there, run around and do my thing."

So just how did Tulloch bounce back? By completing a comprehensive, long-term rehab program which focused on Pilates and physiotherapy. Tulloch has regularly done Pilates since the early stages of his career, after discovering that other NFL greats such as Lynn Swann and Eddie George both did Pilates as a way of improving their range of motion, core and general body strength.

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Image credit: Tim Fuller/ USA Today Sports




Author: Studio Pilates