Enhancing Your One-On-One Connection To Members

Written on the 21 January 2015 by Studio Pilates

As the SP mat classes increase in attendance, it can feel difficult to establish an individual connection with members - especially when you have 40 people in your class! However, simply trying these three small techniques each week can teach you a lot about your memebers and enhance your one-on-one connection with your devoted SP mat class lovers!

Find out why they are coming to Pilates
If you have a few minutes before class and people have arrived early, start approaching them and asking why they are coming to Pilates. Is it for toning, weight loss, injury management, stress release or just for fun? Simply asking this question will help you to understand your members a lot better, as well as the kind of results they are after.

Remember their name
It sounds obvious, but simply remembering people's names goes a long way in establishing rapport with members and developing a loyal client following. When they come into your class next week, you can greet them by name, showing that you care enough to remember who they are.

Compliment people individually
As you move around the room encouraging, correcting and complimenting, it is also important to mediate between giving praise to the whole group as well as individually. Singling someone out to let them know they are doing a great job is a simple way of enhancing your one-on-one connection and making people feel good about themselves.



Author: Studio Pilates