Written on the 20 January 2015 by Studio Pilates

Have you ever felt afraid to do something or to start something new? In this article you'll learn how to smash down the fear barrier and break through to success!

First, let's have a look at what the acronym fear stands for, FEAR stands for:


Let me explain....

When starting something new or when you're feeling fearful, you're often thinking of failing before you even start right? You're thinking how hard it might be, that you don't have the skills to complete the task or handle the situation right?

These are all expectations and let me tell you right now they're false. Not only are they false they're often driven by negative self talk like "I'm no good at that" "I'm too short, weak, fat, uncoordinated" for that...whatever your normal self talk is. You could also be concerned about what others may think of you if you fail.

I'll give you the hot tip, 99.9% of people are thinking of themselves 99.9% of the time. Everyone is 10,000 times more interested in themselves that they are in you. If you fail, people will either not even notice or actually be impressed that you even tried because they are too fearful themselves to even think about giving it a go.

It's these false expectations appearing real that is driving the fear factor, you talk yourself into believing they are dead set going to happen and that they are 100% real and certain.... let me tell you they are not going to happen and you cannot possibly know they are going to happen because the future isn't set yet.

I also like to think of fear as a big shark, you're swimming in the water and you can see the fin coming towards you then it stops and it's just a dolphin and it gives you a kiss on the cheek, laughs and swims off.

I encourage you to stop focusing on what could possibly happen and just get into it and do it... you never know you might just surprise yourself and remember the future isn't set yet.




Author: Studio Pilates