Get a Head start on your Summer Winter!

Written on the 20 January 2015 by Studio Pilates

Don't let a little chilly weather this winter deter you from sculpting the body you've always wanted...throw off the doona, set some goals and get cracking!

At this time every year it seems so many people go into hibernation and swap exercise for warm, fatty foods and staying indoors on their couch. I always get asked the same question around June-July : "how do I stay motivated to exercise now that it's winter?"

I'm no different to anyone else, there is nothing better than snuggling up in a nice warm bed with a lovely thick doona, but I stay focused on my exercise as well.

The key is how you think about winter exercise. The mental image one usually has of training in winter is running through rain, sleet and snow....well it certainly seems that way when wrapped up in a nice warm bed which makes it very hard to get out and get the workout gear on.

I prefer to think of working out in winter as time to get the body in tip top shape for the coming seasons of spring and summer. You should view winter exercise as the time to get ahead with your weight loss and toning! It shouldn't be seen as the time to hide in your warm house and stack on the's time to strip them off! 

For me summer is about relaxation and fun. As I do the hard yards in winter, summer is the time to pull back a little and enjoy the warmer weather rather than sweating it out in the heat. Winter is the time for growth and development and to get your body lean, toned and trim so its summer ready! 

This approach is not new, as Europeans have been following this seasonal pattern for years. All across Europe the gyms and Pilates studios are packed in winter with people getting in shape for the warmer times ahead. When you're in this mindset your training takes on an entirely new perspective. It's exciting, like setting yourself a new project that you can get stuck into.

Understand that exercising in winter is different to summer training. The cooler months are great for running and outdoor exercise and this time of year is generally drier in Australia. You still of course have the option to do your cardio indoors if you want to if the weather gets really ugly. All the swimming pools are heated and if you can sneak away from work at lunchtime you can enjoy warm water and beautiful winter sunshine as well as getting some great cardio in the pool.

The first step is to set your goals carefully, so your routine and plan will get you where you want your body to be when it comes time to strip off for the beach. Appraise yourself realistically and write down your current weight, target weight and measurements.

An excellent idea to kick start your winter exercise and healthy eating regime is to join the Results by Jade program, complimentary to all Studio Pilates members. By joining up to the Results program, you are signing up to a scientifically formulated weight loss program designed to reduce fat and tone the body. Past clients have achieved amazing results by following this program, in winter no less! 

The first step is to join the program by talking to your Studio Pilates Instructor, asking Kimberely at Reception or looking at the Studio Pilates website. After you have joined you will have access to an extensive amount of information, including:

  • a detailed weekly diet & eating plan, shopping lists & recipes
  • Motivational & inspirational online videos
  • Abundant online resources including print & go Pilates workouts, e-downloads of Pilates DVDs and matwork workouts.
  • Motivational & educational emails with tips on how to maximise results. 
  • Regular weigh-ins using the WI-FI scales at reception, which calculate weight, % of body fat and % of lean muscle mass







Author: Studio Pilates