Get the perfect body for the perfect wedding dress

Written on the 19 January 2015 by Studio Pilates

When organising any wedding there is much planning, decision making, stress and sometimes arguments. One thing that always stays the same is that all brides want to look their very best in their dress. With how you look on that day forever immortalised in photographs, forever etched in the minds of your husband and guests you don't want that lasting memory to include flabby arms and fat rolls hanging over your dress.

Just like planning the perfect wedding, careful planning and a little discipline is needed to make sure your body is in the best shape it's ever been in for your big day. It's important not to leave the commencement of a focussed exercise routine to the last minute. Physical changes can take some time to occur and you must be patient. Allow at least 3 - 4 months of regular training to hone your body into the perfect shape.

This is only 12-16 weeks and like an athlete training for a big event, you have to allow for setbacks such as increased and unscheduled work commitments, a possible injury or muscle strain, and general underestimated time constraints with an upcoming wedding.
There are 4 main areas you will need to focus on in order to get in the best shape of your life and look absolutely amazing walking down the aisle. Your posture, resistance training, cardio, and eating well all need to be addressed.

No one wants to look like the Hunchback of Notre Dame in their photos and this is one component of creating the perfect body that is hardly ever addressed - yet so easy to fix. Better posture is easy to achieve and exercises and stretches need to be done many weeks before to ensure your posture looks natural and you can relax and enjoy your day and not have to think about having to stand up straight.

Resistance Training
You don't want too look muscled up for the big day, that's why Pilates and not the gym is the best possible approach. Pilates creates long, lean, supple muscles giving a toned but not bulky appearance that will ensure your guests will be talking in the isles about how healthy and toned you look, how your dress just fits you so well and wow look at her arms.

Pilates is also much safer on the body, which means far less chance of a strain or injury which will set back your careful planning and make you stressed and resort to 'crash dieting' before the big day which is never good.

Seek out a studio for workouts using the Pilates equipment or purchase a DVD to use at home. Pilates is considered to be resistance or strength training, and just like any other well rounded exercise program, you will need to focus on cardio and also eating right as well to ensure you shed any extra unwanted kilos.

A regular cardio program will compliment your Pilates and healthy eating plan. The most effective way to do your cardio and to strip away the fat is to do what's called 'interval training'. Interval training basically means instead of doing a long slow easy jog, you do short burst of high intensity exercise followed by some low intensity and repeat that numerous times. For example instead of doing 5kms on the treadmill, go to your local park or school oval and do 10 x 100m sprints at maximum pace, each one followed by 1 min of slow jogging.

When doing interval training, make sure you are thoroughly warmed up as you don't want any strains to occur and set back your progress and training for the big day. If you don't like running then you can apply interval training to any form of cardio activity such as swimming, cycling, rowing etc.

Healthy Eating
As the big day approaches you tend to get busier and busier. Often the first thing that is sacrificed in order to fit everything in is eating well. You will need your energy so stay focussed on eating right as the big day approaches. Follow the simple meal plan and guidelines supplied to make sure your guests gasp at how amazing you look when you enter the chapel.

Stay Focussed
It's important to stay focussed on your body, eating and training over the sometimes turbulent and stressful time of planning a wedding. You don't want to look back on your wedding photos with regret and wish you had done more. There are many things that are out of your control on the day - forget about things like the weather or if your guests will have a good time or not, focus on the things you can control and with the right fitness regime how your body looks is something you can control.

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Author: Studio Pilates