Getting Aesthetic With Pilates

Written on the 21 January 2015 by Studio Pilates

In this workshop, we are dealing with the aesthetic factor of Pilates, what Pilates does for the body, and how it can improve a client's body aesthetically. 99% of people want to look better (and feel better), so the client needs to be informed and educated on how what they are doing is actually making a difference in their body and giving them great value. 

If you are telling a client that this exercise tones and lifts the buttocks, they are going to do more and work harder during the exercise. They are going to want to do that particular exercise each time, enjoy it more because they know that this exercise will give them results. As such, educating clients on what the exercise is going to do to them aesthetically is really important. 

It is not enough to say that this exercise strengthens the buttocks, it needs to be said that the exercise targets the gluteous medius, which helps shape, firm and lift the buttocks. This way, you have given the client some science and then also the aesthetic reason to the action. You have also told the client where to concentrate on for the exercise and motivated them to work hard at this exercise to obtain great results.

Lets look at some examples of this:

Inner Thighs

The working the inner thighs really helps to reshape the legs and gives you a longer, leaner looking leg.


Working the Hamstrings gives a more shapely leg and helps the buttocks look firmer. 

Stretching The Lats

Stretching the Lats will greatly improve posture. Also, the shoulders are going to be in a better position, narrowing the waist. 

Pec Stretch

A chest stretch will improve the posture and improve the bust line (all without surgery!!) 

Transversus Abdominus

Working the Transversus Abdominus is going to draw the stomach in and make your stomach look flatter before you have even lost any weight. The TZone helps flatten the stomach and can make a client look like they have lost a few kilos without any loss of fat.

Gluteus Medius

Working the Glute Med helps round and lift the bottom. It also helps to stabilise the lower back and pelvis when running or walking.

It truly pays dividends to be aware of this client psychology and to educate members on how they can look better by performing a particular exercise. Your clients are going to be more likely to do their exercise (and complain less also) if they are aware of the aesthetic benefits to that particular exercise. This also makes a big difference to a client who is specifically looking to work on a particular area of their body. So try getting aesthetic in your SP class today!


Now watch the video below! 



Author: Studio Pilates