Goal Setting

Written on the 20 January 2015 by Studio Pilates

Goals whether it personal, financial or emotionally inspired, are the tools which lead us to excellence. They define what we want to do in life and the path we need to take. Here are some tips to help you to form your own goals, ways to achieve them and to eventually fulfil your life's potential.

Follow each of these steps and fully commit to the process to see results:

1. Think about what you want

You must decide on what you really want and it has to mean a lot to you. If you sort of want it, you will never achieve it. The pain of not achieving this goal must far outweigh the endurance and effort needed to achieve it.

 2. Make it measureable and a statement

Your goal must have a specific measurable quantity and made into a positive statement. A goal of feeling better or looking good is not definitive enough. An example may be: "I will lose 10kg".

3. Set a date

Without a definitive date you will never see a light at the end of the tunnel and you will lose focus. Your statement should become "I will lose 10kgs by November 30".

4. Add some feelings

Add some good feelings to your goal statement; this will remind you how good it will be when you do achieve your goal. When you are feeling a little less motivated and you verbalise your goal statement you will regain your motivation quickly. "I will lose 10kgs by November 30 and I am feeling younger, fitter, healthier and more alive than I have ever felt before".

 5. Imagine you have already achieved it

Change the tense to one of already completing and successfully achieving your goal Example: "It is November 30 and I have lost 10kgs and I am feeling younger, fitter, healthier and more alive than I have ever felt before".

6. Write it down

Write your goal statement down and make it very visible and put it everywhere. On the bathroom mirror, in your diary, on your computer screen saver, on the fridge, the inside of the front door - everywhere. Lose any feelings of embarrassment, your friends and family will see your goal statement and should support you in your quest.

Remember to mix up where you place your statements as your brain will get used to seeing it in one spot and not take notice anymore, so get creative and move your goal statements around your environment.

7. Chunk it down  

If you have set yourself a large goal that is a real stretch to achieve then you must simply divide it into smaller portions that your mind can believe is possible. You must set monthly, weekly and even daily stepping stones that are easy to achieve.

8. Get support

Tell everyone who you know including family and friends and ask for their support. If you goal is weight loss then ask your partner not to buy junk food when doing the groceries. Ask your friends to choose a healthy restaurant to catch up at. If they are friends then they will more than happy to support you in your quest. This will also help you to remain accountable as you have let people you love and trust know what you wish to achieve.

9. Make it a priority

Your goal might mean sacrificing or changing what you normally do and this might be outside your comfort zone. Accept that this is going to be the case and move on, get over it, get past it otherwise you will never begin or give up at the first sign of physical, emotional or spiritual discomfort.

10. Test and measure

The only way you know if you are on track is if you test and measure yourself regularly. You should have your chunked down goal and time line so this should be easy. Get a professional to help you to do this if needed.

11. Get expert advice

To help you to achieve your goal, ask a professional with a great reputation for results, don't ask your next door neighbour, family or friends (unless they are actually experts in the field). You wouldn't ask your next door neighbour who is 180kgs what the best eating plan is to lose weight...so why trust the opinions or advice of people who are not the best in that precise area of expertise?

12. Get out there and do it

You have to move if you want to achieve your goal. Take action now, don't wait till next week, next month or next year, today, now is the right time. Success won't come without a little effort.

13. Celebrate success

Celebrate each milestone or stepping stone along the way (this doesn't mean you have to get boozed- find a healthy fun way to celebrate). This will give you the encouragement to keep on achieving and striving towards your goal.

And most of all enjoy the journey and have some fun along the way.

Good luck!



Author: Studio Pilates