How a minute on the lips can actually be forever on the hips

Written on the 6 January 2016 by Studio Pilates

When you consume more food or energy throughout your day than you burn off you will store the excess energy as fat. The body stores fat in special cells within the body. When these fat cells get to a certain size they can't store any more fat and so they divide. Once these cells divide they are always in your body and you have more fat cells than you did before.

If you've burned off the fat that you've put on, these cells may not be storing any fat or very little at that point in time, but what it means is that because those extra cells you've created are in your body, it's far easier for you to put weight on more rapidly if you take your foot off the gas so to speak and start to pig out and ease up on the workouts.

So you can see how the old saying a minute on the lips can actually be forever on the hips! All is not lost however. With a balanced, healthy and sustainable approach to health, wellness, nutrition your body fat levels can me maintained permanently. Exercise and eating should be a lifelong healthy living approach and not a quick fix, crash diet approach to fast results.

The aim of the game is to control your body fat levels over the long term (your entire life) and knowing this information should be motivation to never 'blow out' so to speak and keep things always in control.


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Author: Studio Pilates