How do I Lose Fat From my Problem Area?

Written on the 19 January 2015 by Studio Pilates

Just like other areas of the body the fat is made up of cells and you may find a higher concentration and larger fat cells in your 'problem area'. They will reduce but the cells are larger so they will just take longer unfortunately.

You can however change the appearance and feel of your problem area by focussing on toning this area of your body by doing your Pilates and challenging the resistance levels when working this muscle group or by upping the difficulty of the exercise in order to tone the underlying muscles as you work on reducing the overall amount of fat in your body.

By doing this you will see your body shape change dramatically and your once flabby and untoned areas will now be transformed and when the fat levels in your body are reduced enough your once problem area will now be the opposite and be one of your attributes through focus, hard work and dedication.

The bad news is that your problem area is the last area of your body you will be happy with when you are losing weight. You see the fat will reduce evenly from all over the body until there is very little left only then will it really target your focus area where it still has a deposit of fat. Your problem area will have reduced along the way of course but it will still have further to go.

The good news is that because your body fat levels will be low across the entire body you body in general will be looking fit, trim, toned and terrific with your focus area not far behind...this is the time to really focus hard in order to lose the last 5 kilos.




Author: Studio Pilates