How raw food can taste great and transform your body too

Written on the 6 January 2016 by Studio Pilates

Refusing to be labelled a "diet fad," the raw food lifestyle is sweeping the world with its promised health benefits. Ames, founder of Brisbane based Raw and Peace answered our questions about raw food.

What is raw food?

Raw food is about keeping food as close to its natural state as possible. Once you start heating food over 40°C, it begins to lose nutrients and enzymes which are essential for proper digestion. Fresh, organic produce is best, with minimal preparation, but there is a whole new set of techniques to learn when embarking on a raw diet. Dehydration is used rather than conventional heating methods to prepare amazingly delicious things, and retain maximum nutrient content.

What are some of the biggest myths associated with raw food?

I think the biggest myth is that raw food is boring! When I first started eating like this, people just didn't get it, and thought I only ate salad. The truth is that the possibilities of eating raw are endless! Anything you can eat cooked, you can make raw. My new favourite thing at the moment is raw fruit bread made from sprouted buckwheat that tastes better than the real thing... which busts another myth: that you can't eat raw in winter! You can still have warm raw food there is some debate around what temperature you can get up to and still call it raw. I play it safe and just stick to 40°C. And it's amazing how hot that actually feels on a cold morning!

What are the benefits of living a raw food lifestyle?

The benefits are way too numerous to list! First of all, you're just going to feel a lot better! All manner of health problems can sort themselves out by sticking to a raw diet. You'll feel closer to nature because you're only eating plant foods, your senses and intuition are heightened, your eyes and skin will be clearer, your energy will be ridiculously high I was bouncing off the walls when I first went raw! You become more aware of what your body needs, as raw foods are so nutrient dense, you'll probably find yourself eating a lot less in time.

It seems there is a lot of preparation involved in raw food recipes, do you have any tips for busy career people who still want to live a raw food lifestyle but do not have a lot of time?

Just introduce things slowly! Change one habit at a time get into sprouting, start making your own nut milk. Learn how to make raw versions of a couple of your favourite dinners and desserts. If you're committed to adopting a raw foods lifestyle, it won't take too long before you realise that this way of eating will actually SAVE you time which makes sense, there's no cooking involved! And we're very lucky these days, as more and more people are gaining awareness, there are loads of raw businesses popping up that will take care of some of that preparation for you!

We love your raw food (especially the raw pizza!) tell us a little bit about Raw and Peace!

We love our food too! We're here to help people eat better and see how easy and delicious it is to go raw! Raw and Peace can be found at Northey Street organic markets every Sunday morning. Here you can buy our raw vegan cheeses, said pizza (with caramelised onions and thyme, yum!), yummy cakes, and now we're serving up delicious warm brekkies, and new chocolates coming soon! You can also find us on a Monday night serving up a whole menu of treaties at Cafe Checocho in West End.

Want more details about this and the classes Raw and Peace provide? Visit the Raw and Peace website




Author: Studio Pilates