How to Choose Your Workout Location for Your Results By Jade Program

Written on the 23 June 2011 by Jade Winter

How to Choose Your Workout Location for Your Results By Jade Program

I want you to choose a physical location or environment in which to transform your body in as part of the Results by Jade program. You will be doing a mixture of toning and cardio workouts to accelerate your weight loss and your results.

For your toning workouts, if you live near a Studio Pilates International studio then take full advantage of this and get there regularly, if you don’t live near a studio then home is your logical choice. You might need to choose to do a combo of both home and studio depending on your schedule and budget.

If you are at a studio for your toning workouts you’ll of course have the benefit of using the Pilates machines and of course your instructor will be challenging you, motivating you and checking your technique every step of the way. If you’re working out at home you can simply use our range of

Pilates DVDs or downloads or you can use our specially designed Personal Pilates Studios to add resistance and tone your body.

Now, for your cardio workouts you can choose to work out in the beautiful outdoors or in the gym. The gym of course isn’t dependant on the weather, but of course it costs money and it can be a little boring...use the cardio machines and the group aerobics classes if you’re in the gym. I personally recommend that you take advantage of the outdoors as this is of course free and you have so many types of activity to choose from, the most logical of which is walking and jogging. You might choose of course a combo of both outdoors and perhaps a casual gym visit if it’s raining heavily....don’t let a little bit of light rain stop you from training outdoors though as some light rain often helps to keep you cool.

Now that you’ve got your location sorted....home or studio, we can now focus on how often you should you train in order to get amazing body transforming results. Well, This is all mapped out on your eating and workout plan.

If you’ve our goal is to totally tone your body and lose 10 kilograms or less of fat then your plan is called Super Toned & Slim and I recommend that you do 5 Pilates workouts of 40 min or less and 3 cardio workouts of 45min or more. Now this may sound like a lot but it actually works out to be less than an hour a day of exercise and remember two things...this program is about getting you some serious body transforming results so you have to ask much do you want it? How badly do you want to look toned, slim and HOT?

If you want to tone and reshape you body and lose more than 10 kilograms of fat then your plan is called Super Slim & Toned. With this plan I recommend that you do 4 Pilates workouts of 40min or less and 4 cardio workouts of 45min or more.

Let me put this amount of time into a little perspective before moving on. The total time spent exercising is around 4 to 5 hours. This equates to less than 2.9% of your week.... can you dedicate less than 3 percent of your week to your health and to achieving your goal? Don’t forget, this is only for a 12 week period in your life.

What I recommend is that you spread this exercise over a 6 day training a week and your exercise sessions are planned out on your Eating and Workout plan. You of course have the option to do more cardio or more Pilates workouts than this and to even train seven days a week...This might be something to consider in the final stages of the at the minute...let’s start by following the program to the letter.

Now, when it comes to cardio, I love to mix mine up in order to keep things interesting and fresh. I recommend you do the same. There isn’t a right or wrong type of cardio to other words one type of cardio doesn’t burn more calories...It depends on the intensity and duration as to how many calories you burn not the type.

What type of cardio you do depends on you and your personal preference. If you enjoy swimming then swim, If you prefer to run then run. If you like to row, kayak, cycle, box, skip or dance.. it doesn’t matter, just do what you enjoy doing otherwise you’ll find it boring pretty quickly and you will soon find your exercise more like a chore than something that’s enjoyable.

If you like a mixture of different outdoor pursuits then mix it all doesn’t have to be the same type of cardio just as long as you’re working hard, getting your heart rate up high and keeping it there for an extended period of time.

Whenever I travel I take my Personal Pilates Studio with me or one of the Studio Pilates International DVDs and pop them in my computer. This way even if I’m on the road I still get my daily Pilates fix...with these great home workout tools there is no excuses for being too busy or for travelling. Visit our online store if you need to purchase any of these products.

It’s important to get yourself the right equipment. Get yourself some new shoes if you plan to jog and get some supportive ones that are right for your feet not ones that just look good. A quick trip to your podiatrist is recommended so they can suggest which ones to get for your feet. If this isn’t possible or you don’t have time, then I personally recommend the asics brand of shoes. They’re very supportive and they’re the best on the market in my opinion.

You may choose to get a heart rate monitor as well to help you to help to monitor your heart rate when doing your cardio but I will show you how to take your heart rate without one so this isn’t really needed.

You might like to buy yourself some new workout clothes to get yourself in the workout mood and feel the part when working out, but don’t blow the budget just yet as you might need some smaller sizes after the 12 weeks and after your body has shrunk and changed shape!


Author: Jade Winter
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