Hundreds of Certified Instructors Wanting to Instruct in Your Franchise

Written on the 21 January 2015 by Studio Pilates

Ever wanted to own a Studio Pilates International franchise but not sure how you will staff it?

Our education department has hundreds of trained and certified instructors wanting to teach in your Studio Pilates International franchise, giving you a pool of talented instructors to draw from. 

People who participate in our courses, always tell us how much they just love the structure of the course, the online learning and the support and encourgement given to them by their instructor trainers. Our course participants also tell us how much they would love to instruct in, or even manage a Studio Pilates International studio and often beg us to open one in their area.

With our world leading Studio Pilates Platinum Instructing and mentoring training program in place, we are always blessed to see these course participants excel in the Studio Pilates International studio environment and attract massive numbers of participants to their classes.

Over the last 12 months we have put in place a Talent Identification Program within our education department. We see so many instructors in multiple cities and we wanted our franchisees to have the benefit of knowing who is the creme de la creme of instructors.

This program sees the top two performers in each course that we run, identified and earmarked as having the right stuff and we then often work to nurture their talent in preparation for franchised studios coming online in their area. 

For further details on franchising, please contact:

Jade on 0412 031 550


Author: Studio Pilates