Written on the 3 February 2017 by Studio Pilates

Courses Completed

Anatomy Course
Platinum Instructing Course

How are you using your Pilates training? 

Instructing at Studio Pilates Nundah during the day as well as reception.

What is the one fitness or health related item you can't live without right now?

I don't use much equipment but I love my Nike Studio Wraps

What is your personal Pilates/exercise philosophy? 

Show up (always)

What song or playlist is keeping you and your clients motivated in class right now? 

Lionel Ritchie, obviously

What is your favourite exercise to instruct right now and why? 

Scooter, you can see the moment people get it

How do you prioritise or find time for your own Pilates practice? 

I love doing a class in the morning

What does 2017 hold in store for you? 

My motto this year is simplify and add lightness

Author: Studio Pilates