Jennifer Hawkins reveals how she gets her enviable bikini body in early morning Pilates Studio pic

Written on the 1 October 2014 by Studio Pilates

Jennifer Hawkins has never been shy about her love of working out! A recent picture posted on Instagram of this gorgeous Australian icon gave fans some insight into how she got her enviable body.

Jen's svelte figure and washboard abs can be attributed to reformer Pilates sessions. The 30-year-old shared a snap of herself working out on what looks like a torture contraption to the uninitiated but we all know that it is the Pilates Cadillac.

Jen posted the shot of herself captioned: 'Fave toy. Ohhh, lil bit of luv/hate for sure!! #caddy #workout.'

The Australia's Next Top Model host looks quite relaxed, working her arm muscles with the Pilates springs, in top-to-toe black.

In February, Jen told Vogue Australia that early mornings were her favourite time to exercise - in between her hectic schedule. 'I’m definitely a schedule person so I’ll get up really early and do a Pilates class or go for a run. Pilates I love. If I could do that three times a week I would but I just don’t have the time.'

Exercise makes me feel energised," Hawkins said recently.

"It's like a moving meditation. I work out most days. It depends on my schedule.

"If I can, I will exercise six days a week.

"On average I do cardio five times a week, either walking or running, and I love Pilates so I do that twice a week, too.

"Pilates is great because I can target the areas of my body that I want to work on."

"I use the cadillac, that's a special piece of Pilates equipment, also known as a trapeze table - plus another machine called a reformer, and I do mat work," she said. She also eats a diet which largely consists of Japanese food, raw fish and chicken, and avoiding - you guessed it - carbs.

Her 400,000 Instagram followers are regularly treated to stunning body shots and glimpses of her fitness regime.

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Photo Credit: Jenhawkins/instagram


Author: Studio Pilates