Keeping the weight off for life

Written on the 20 January 2015 by Studio Pilates

Once you've achieved your goal weight you have a very simple but life altering decision to make.

You can choose to keep on doing what you've done to reach your goal by exercising, doing Pilates, eating well, prioritising your exercise and making these things part of your everyday life or can choose to undo all your hard work and fall straight back into your old habits that got you to a point in your life that you were unhappy with yourself and your body.

You see healthy living is a conscious choice to be healthy, to do it every day and to make this your new mantra. I guarantee you that if you start consuming more calories in your day than you burn you will put the weight back on....and probably pretty quickly too.

Every piece of food you put into your mouth is a decision as to how you want your body to look and to keep the weight off for life you will need make this decision each and every day.

I truly hope you choose to be fit, toned, healthy and happy for the rest of your life....




Author: Studio Pilates