Khloe Kardashian loves her Pilates class in Sydney

Written on the 4 August 2015 by Studio Pilates


Khloe Kardashian is having a fantastic time in Sydney, wining, dining and of course, exercising! The 31-year old celebrity treated herself to lunch at Rockpool, an exclusive restaurant in Sydney, after a tough Pilates class with her close friend.

She posted a picture to Instagram, captioning it, "Even down unda [sic] and jet lagged, we will find a fitness class."

The star trained in all-black, looking strong and flexible as she stretched out on a reformer.

She revealed to Nova FM that gym and Pilates has been an important part of her new exercise regime, which has seen her lose approximately 15 kilograms, "When I'm in L.A I go hard [in the gym] and I've lost about 35 [15 kilos] pounds."

She added that she doesn't weigh herself all the time, but she knows how she wants to feel; "it does become addicting and once you see results you want to see more. [sic]."

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Image credit: Khloe Kardashian / Instagram


Author: Studio Pilates