Lady Gaga Rocks a Reformer Workout Listening to AC/DC

Written on the 14 January 2015


Lady Gaga's recent tour is over, which means she is no longer getting her 2-hour, intense workout that her nightly performance routine gave her. So, what's she replacing it with? Pilates reformer workouts of course!

The pop star shared this photo of herself on Instagram wearing a black sports bra and leggings with the caption referring to what she was listening to at the time, "AC/DC and Pilates equals I will knock you out b**ch. TNT, I'm dynamite."

It appears by the photo that she owns her own reformer and is using it in the comfort of her own apartment.

The "Applause" singer also does yoga and has been spotted at SoulCycle classes. She even bought two SoulCycle bikes to take with her on her "Born This Way Ball" tour.

If you had a Pilates Reformer at home, what would you listen to when you worked out?