Liz Hurley does Pilates to stay youthful

Written on the 9 January 2012

Successful model and actress Liz Hurley refuses to age! In a recent interview with the 46 year old star, Liz admitted that she finds it much harder to look good in her 40s than she did in her 20s & 30s. Thankfully, Liz has discovered Pilates which keeps her looking trim, toned and extremely youthful. 

Liz comments on her looks: ‘I don’t think growing older means looking less good. I’m not trying to look younger, I just want to look my absolute best’. Liz credits her modelling body to regular Pilates classes and frequent walks.

Liz turned to Pilates to help keep her in shape while pregnant with her son and is still a hard-core devottee 7 years later. For someone who describes herself as a 'self-confessed gym hater' and who finds working out 'loathsome', it appears that Pilates is one of the only exercises that she truly enjoys! Stick with it Liz, you look amazing! 

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