Written on the 8 July 2015 by Studio Pilates



Studio Pilates International® is pleased to announce that new Studio Pilates® owners are starting up their business with a capital investment that has been reduced by $50,000+.

This is increasing the comparative return on investment for all new owners and is due to some new strategic alliances that Studio Pilates International® has secured.

Studio Pilates International® has begun obtaining building materials, lighting, equipment and furniture globally, direct from the original source.  Our new found ability to cut out the middleman has seen dramatic decreases in establishment costs for new owners.

Through our new global sourcing strategy, we are now in an even greater position to deploy Studio Pilates International® studios anywhere in the world.

A prime example of these savings in action is our new North Lakes location currently being built. With a floor space of 165m2, its construction costs are less than our Nundah Village location, which is 100m2 and was built prior to our new sourcing strategy coming into effect. That's an amazing 65m2 for no additional cost!  

This also means that a new studio has more room for more equipment and a larger capacity to produce greater levels of income for less capital deployed.

Now is the time to join the Studio Pilates International® network and become an owner. Call 0412 031 550 or email franchising@studiopilates.com.




Author: Studio Pilates