My Personal Tips for Staying on Track with Your Weight Loss

Written on the 19 January 2015 by Studio Pilates

Here are some of my personal tips for staying on track with your weight loss goal:

The first and foremost you need to measure yourself along the way to see that you're on track otherwise you will have no idea if what you're doing is correct or if you need to modify aspects of your program. You must keep a log and write down when you exercise and record your weight when you weigh in so you can track if it's going up or down. If you don't do this you are essentially flying blind and hoping you'll get there.

Every time you tell yourself you don't want to work out today, you have to give yourself 3 reasons why you should. Every time you say I don't feel like doing my Pilates today you must tell yourself how good you'll feel after doing it, how much better your body will be, and how happy it will make you feel having achieved your goal.

Don't let other things get in the way of your goal and your workouts. You must prioritise your exercise very highly and above many other things in your life that you wouldn't have normally otherwise when something comes up you will choose not to exercise and your chance to work out and get closer to your goal will be wasted.

You may have to set yourself a strict roster of time or a dairy to get your life organised and structured. This may be foreign to some but we are all creatures of habit and making exercise and healthy food preparation habitual is one of the big keys to success. Get a regular time slot at your studio and stick to it, or make a regular time to do your Pilates DVD and organise the rest of your life around this daily time slot.

And most importantly you must celebrate success along the way. When you achieve your monthly milestone you need to celebrate, do something fun, go shopping and buy yourself something new, whatever feels good to you...don't however celebrate with food....there is still a ways to go yet!




Author: Studio Pilates