Never run out of time in your Studio Pilates class again

Written on the 21 January 2015 by Studio Pilates

Struggling to get through all of your exercises in the time frames that are given? Here's how to make your classes flow and speed things up.

1. Aim to keep your members moving...constantly

This is the challenge; no rest periods and no stopping for longer than 5-10 seconds. This sense of urgency will create flow in your classes. Read on to learn how.

2. Eliminate the word demonstration from your vocabulary and replace it with the words 'take through'.

If you think 'I need to demo the exercise' you will find yourself stopping, doing a physical demo a few times, explaining it as you go and then just repeating it all over again as you get your class to follow you as you do it with them for the first couple of reps.

All this does is completely stall your class and decrease the intensity of your workout. Instead, assuming that you have used the line "I'll demonstrate some of the exercises as we go along; please do the exercise with me as I demonstrate to speed things up" in your preamble then you will be training your members to go through and do the exercises with you the first time, completely eliminating the need to repeat yourself and buying back about 30 seconds each exercise!

Some exercises won't need a demo at all which is fine, and if you really feel like you need to you can also do a quick flash demo of less than 10 seconds, then jump up and verbally take your class through the exercise using your arms as a non verbal guide of what to do (try channelling the inner airline hostess in you for this).  Note that if the class are watching you do the demo it should only last 5 seconds, 10 seconds max and shouldn't include all of the concentration points it's just a quick visual as the concentration points come with the cueing after the breathing and movement as per the cueing formula.

3. Get yourself ready to do your 'take through' for the next exercise as your class is finishing the last one.

Remember your aim is to keep your members constantly moving, therefore when you are roaming the room and checking technique be mindful of the time as you will need to scoot back to your mat as the class is completing the last couple of reps of the exercise and get into the position to do your next 'take through'.

4. Do an awesome and concise pre amble.

If you've invested the time studying the preamble and have rope learnt it, this will pay off each and every time you teach a class by allowing you to start on time each and every time. There is a lot to cover and a lot of exercises to get through in a precise time frame so there is no time for extra waffling...keep it simple, keep it concise, and keep it easy to understand for the member.



Author: Studio Pilates