New Workouts taking your body toning to the next level

Written on the 24 November 2014 by Studio Pilates

Just what you have been waiting for to challenge yourself and take your body toning to the next level - KILLER NEW WORKOUTS!!

How do new workouts at Studio Pilates benefit you and your body?

When we create new workouts for you we sequence them specifically to target and tone different areas of your body.We layer and time the exercises in a precise way so you completely fatigue particular muscle groups.

What does this do for you?

It means your body will then have to respond to this by becoming stronger, losing more fat and changing shape - ultimately giving you amazing results.

What else is unique to our workouts?

?The movements at Studio Pilates are simple to understand which allows you to perfect your technique quickly, so you get results much faster - which lets face it is what we are all after!

In addition, every day has a different focus point allowing you to come multiple times in a week without over training a particular body part.

So come in and push yourself to new limits with our brand new, seriously high energy workouts. 

You will leave the Studio feeling energised, toned and sculpted like never before!

Bookings are available now so log on to and reserve your workout before your favourite classes fills up or book your next class on our iPhone app or Android App.

We look forward to seeing you in your nearest Studio soon to experience our killer new workouts!


Author: Studio Pilates