Pilates and Yoga

Written on the 23 December 2015 by Studio Pilates

Pilates and yoga are two very different things and we explore the main differences between Pilates and yoga right here.

Pilates and yoga are often grouped together as the same thing, yet these to types of exercise are very, very different.

Pilates matwork classes are a little similar to a yoga class in respect that you don't use any equipment and you use your body weight as resistance. There is generally an instructor out the front of the Pilates class and they demonstrate and explain the exercise.

Pilates and yoga share the common elements of breathing being a focus but the way you breathe in Pilates is quite different to yoga.

Pilates is about 100 years old and yoga is much older. Pilates doesn't incorporate any of the spiritual or meditative qualities of yoga but is much more strength based and is great for increasing your core stability which most forms of yoga are not.

Pilates and Yoga mat classes help to increase muscle tone and flexibility without the use of any equipment which make them both very beneficial and portable.

Pilates and Yoga however get very different when the Pilates machines come into things and when doing Pilates in a Pilates studio. The Pilates studio uses Pilates equipment that is over 100 years old in design.

The Pilates studio based workouts use the Pilates reformer, Pilates Trapeze Table, Pilates Wunda Chair and Pilates Ladder Barrel just to name a few.

Pilates and yoga differ also in the fact that Pilates can really be tailored to each person and can be a real benefit in fixing injuries.

Pilates and yoga as you can see, are two very different things. Whilst the Pilates matwork draws some similarities with mat based yoga, this is where it ends and the Pilates studio setting is where the real magic happens with Pilates.





Author: Studio Pilates