Pilates Cairns

Written on the 17 February 2015

Pilates Cairns


Pilates Cairns has a fresh new home with Studio Pilates International coming soon to Cairns residents in 2015.

We founded the Studio Pilates brand on the simple premise that fitness should be an inspiring experience. We believe Pilates should be fun, intense and it should have a pulse. This is why we have beautiful studios; with high energy music and our instructors focus on delivering a transformational workout experience.

Our members completely change their body when doing Studio Pilates classes and if you live in Cairns, you'll soon have the opportunity experience what all of the hype is about very soon.

Our company origins reach deeper with one of our founders being an Olympic Swimmer and the other a Physiotherapist. With this combination at our core, you'll find safe movements combined with challenging workouts, all supervised by our world-class instructors who motivate and take our members to the next level.

The Studio Pilates method was designed by Tanya and Jade Winter for the body and mind. Studio Pilates trains world-class instructors to empower members leaving them feeling physically and mentally stronger after each and every 40min class.

With over two and a half thousand people a week experiencing Studio Pilates workouts in packed out classes, the demand for more studios is exploding, as people want to be a part of this unique movement.

After establishing our first ever location in 2002, Studio Pilates is now leading the fitness revolution with people everywhere wanting the Studio Pilates way of doing things. With plans to open a further 60 studios nationally and internationally in the next 6 years, participants of all ages and fitness levels have taken to Studio Pilates with members ranging from 14 - 80 years of age taking part.

Studio Pilates isn't just in the business of changing bodies; it's in the business of changing lives.

If you're searching for Pilates in Cairns, click below to pre register your interest in joining and you'll be the first to know when this studio launches.