Pilates Certification Courses

Written on the 4 October 2013 by Studio Pilates

Pilates certification courses with Studio Pilates International® start at just $899 and are the most comprehensive in the industry. How do I know this? Read on to learn more.

My fellow company co-founder (physiotherapist Tanya Winter) and I developed the Studio Pilates International® Pilates Certification course curriculum after each taking 50,000 clients. Now, when you're taking just a few people in a small group Pilates class with a maximum of only 3 people, this is A LOT of hours spent instructing over a long period of time.

During this time we were always focussed on a few things. The first being that every single person who did a class with us really felt it working. They felt worked out after and they definitely felt their muscles the next day because we believe that Pilates should be a strong workout and challenge the body to get stronger. If they were injured, we always made sure that we selected exercises that worked to get them pain free fast by fixing their injury so that they could begin to enjoy the workout and toning benefits of Pilates instead of just doing boring rehab exercises.

The second thing that we also focussed on constantly was in relation to how the clients responded to our verbal instruction. When we gave a client a direction and the client did the exact opposite to what we wanted, we realised that it was our instruction that was unclear and it wasn't that the client was uncoordinated. We focussed on improving our communication and we changed what we were saying so that that 99% of clients got it right the first time from just a simple cue.

This enhanced the customer experience greatly as they then felt good and positive about themselves as they could achieve and accomplish each exercise without feeling like they were in trouble with their instructor all the time which is simply embarrassing.

This process of figuring out the clearest and most effective cues took many years to refine and evolve and we have incorporated this knowledge and these exact cues for you to use in our Pilates certification course manuals for you to learn and to use teaching your Pilates classes as an instructor.

You get to practice using these specially designed cues in the practical component of your Pilates course. This practical element sees you using these simplified and easy to learn cues on other participants in your course which in turn makes you super confident and an extremely competent Pilates instructor once you have completed your Pilates certification course.

This process of practicing your cueing so much in a Pilates certification course is very unique when it comes to Pilates courses and it's important to realise that Studio Pilates International pioneered this style of learning. This has made us the leader in the industry for Pilates certification and training and the practical execution of your Pilates knowledge.

This real time practice that you receive in your Pilates certification course essentially fast tracks your experience as an instructor and you complete the course being an awesome Pilates instructor.

Pilates Certification Courses

If you would like to talk to us about learning to become a Pilates instructor and learning about Pilates certification courses and training dates, please call us at our Australian based headquarters on 07 3899 4555 or phone 0488 014 618 direct.





Author: Studio Pilates