Pilates classes in Melbourne

Written on the 23 December 2015 by Studio Pilates

Pilates classes in Melbourne are wide and varied and they are growing rapidly. Pilates classes in Melbourne and Pilates studios seem to be popping up everywhere. We examine what to look for when searching for Pilates classes in Melbourne and aim to shed some light on having a good first experience with Pilates in Melbourne.

Pilates classes in Melbourne can be done in a gym and this is where most people first come into contact with Pilates. Pilates classes in a gym are usually done on a mat, without equipment and with an instructor out the front of the Pilates class explaining and demonstrating the Pilates exercises.

Studio Pilates® Matwork Classes are now available in a health club near you and these classes do incorporate some of the small Pilates equipment into your class to add resistance. Look for the Studio Pilates® logo in your health club or visit us here to locate your nearest Studio Pilates® Matwork Class.

Pilates classes in gyms across Melbourne are generally focused mainly on fitness and toning rather than being focused on the rehabilitative qualities of Pilates. There are generally 20-30+ people in a class and everyone is usually doing the same exercises. Pilates classes in gyms should therefore be done by those who have no injuries and have no physical restrictions.

Pilates classes in Melbourne can also be done in a studio and generally incorporate Pilates equipment into your Pilates class giving you more variety and a whole lot more resistance. Pilates classes in a studio usually uses equipment with strange names such as the Pilates reformer, Pilates Trapeze Table or Cadillac and the Pilates Wunda Chair just to name a few.

Pilates classes in Melbourne in a studio can be done one-to-one (but this is often expensive) and can be done in small groups also. Pilates classes in a studio in a small or large group setting is often cheaper as there is others to split the cost and you may or may not be doing the same Pilates exercises as the other people in your Pilates class, it just depends on how your Pilates studio operates.

Some studios like Studio Pilates International offer large group reformer classes from as little as $20. Studio Pilates studios are coming soon to Melbourne and you can register your interest by clicking here.

Pilates classes in Melbourne can be done in a physio clinic and is different again. Pilates classes in a physio clinic are generally focused on the rehabilitative qualities of Pilates and is of a much lower level in intensity. Pilates classes in a physio clinic often compliments your 'hands on' physio treatment and so doing your Pilates in the clinic where you're receiving your physio treatment is advisable.

Pilates classes in Melbourne then are quite varied and a different experience can be had by the participant and it depends on what you're after so then doing your research correctly will have a direct bearing on if your first Pilates experience will be a good one or not.

I hope this sheds a little light on the whole Pilates thing when you're looking for Pilates classes in Melbourne. Call Studio Pilates on 07 3899 4555 or visit www.studiopilates.com for more information about Pilates Classes or to find out more about Studio Pilates® Matwork classes.





Author: Studio Pilates