Pilates helps Beyonce to lose her baby weight in record time

Famous singer, actress and worldwide sensation Beyonce Knowles has done the impossible; lost 40 pounds in record time since giving birth to her baby daughter early this year! How has she done this, you may ask? The good old fashioned way, with lots of exercise and a healthy diet. 

Beyonce fiercely denies that she has had help from a plastic surgeon to shift her baby weight. Instead, she credits her amazing transformation to intense workouts of Pilates, yoga and dance twice a day. Beyonce can't get enough of Pilates, as this form of exercise helps her to get toned fast and return definition to her body that she lost whilst pregnant. Beyonce likes to incorporate Pilates into her daily routine as it greatly assists in weight loss. 

Beyonce pairs her Pilates and cardio with a diet of six small protein filled meals each day. She also makes sure that she drinks copious amounts of water daily. 

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