Pilates Instructor Certification Sydney

Written on the 20 January 2015 by Studio Pilates

Pilates Instructor certification Sydney can change your life in a positive way and set you on an incredibly rewarding career path or complement the one that you already have.

Studio Pilates International® has been enjoying helping instructors in Sydney enjoy the thrill of becoming a Pilates instructor through Pilates instructor certification courses in Pilates matwork, Pilates reformer and more since 2002.

As a Pilates instructor you get to see people's bodies transform as they strengthen and challenge their muscles with this incredible form of exercise.

Doing your Pilates Instructor certification course in Sydney gives you the opportunity for a career teaching Pilates and can be incredibly rewarding in so many ways and not just financially. There are many career options available for people who have done their Pilates instructor certification. These include teaching Pilates in a gym, a Pilates studio or even a Studio Pilates International® studio.

To become a Pilates instructor and to get certified, you first must enrol in a Pilates Instructor certification course with Studio Pilates International® in Sydney. The first step if you are not already in the fitness industry is to do your anatomy training. Studio Pilates International® provides this module for you as part of your Pilates certification.

After your anatomy module is complete, you can then do your Pilates Matwork certification course. This enables you to teach Pilates matwork classes in gyms, Pilates studios and even start up your own small business.

It's important to know the the Studio Pilates International® training program is modular in nature making your learning experience a more flexible one and it also empowers you to be able to earn money whilst you learn, completing further optional modules in your full Pilates Instructor certification course if you wish. You can just do one module and teach Pilates matwork if you wish after you have completed your Pilates instructor certification course Sydney.

Studio Pilates International® is the leading Pilates Instructor certification course provider in Sydney and in Australia. Our courses are accredited with Fitness Australia as well as the American Council of Exercise enabling you to teach in Australia as well as the USA.

Pilates Instructor Certification Sydney

Studio Pilates International® courses can also be found in many other countries around the world. If you would like more information on Pilates instructor certification Sydney, please call 0488 014 618 today for a chat about upcoming course options and dates.




Author: Studio Pilates