Pilates Teacher Training & Pilates Courses

Written on the 20 January 2015 by Studio Pilates

Pilates teacher training & Pilates courses in Australia are best done with Studio Pilates International®. We are the leading Pilates Instructor course provider in Australia. Our courses are accredited with Fitness Australia as well as the American Council of Exercise which means that you are able to teach Pilates in Australia as well as the USA.

The key benefit of doing your Pilates teacher training and Pilates courses with Studio Pilates International® is our unique modular training system. By breaking down your Pilates teacher training into smaller Pilates courses, you can learn each Pilates apparatus separately and mastering each one before moving on to the next.

This modular nature of learning, also enables you to earn money as you go by working as a Pilates Instructor by teaching what you've learned as you learn it. After completing your first module which is Pilates Matwork, you can then teach this and subsequently go on to then complete each module for your full Studio Instructor certification if you wish to teach in a Pilates studio setting.

The modular approach to your Pilates teacher training is very different to many other Pilates course providers. Many will make you study relentlessly for years and do unpaid 'work experience' in their Pilates studio as part of your 'supervision hours' which is highly impractical and which as a result also means that many people simply give up on their training. That is if it wasn't for the exorbitant amount of money they have been charged to do their course running in to the tens of thousands of dollars.

Studio Pilates International® provides the absolute highest standard of Pilates education with a focus on affordable training done in a flexible way that suits you, your life and your schedule. Your course curriculum has been developed by leading team of Physiotherapists who have been teaching Pilates and exercise rehab in a clinical setting for over 12 years. The team of Physiotherapists at Studio Pilates International® Headquarters ensures that the course content includes the latest in cutting edge physio based research.

The Studio Pilates International® approach to the Pilates method however is not just a clinical one. It covers the best of both worlds with an incredibly strong focus on the workout and toning benefits of Pilates as well as empowering you, the instructor, with the knowledge of how to help people with injuries who come to your class.

Pilates Teacher Training & Pilates Courses

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Author: Studio Pilates