Written on the 20 August 2013

Pilates is a physical fitness system which focuses on improving core strength and building flexibility. The Pilates method aims to develop flexibility and control over movement, and helps to build energy, muscles and increase muscle tone.

Pilates first began when the first Pilates Studio opened its doors in 1926 in New York on 8th avenue and 56th street. Here, New York’s elite could often be spotted stepping out onto the street after an intense, body sculpting workout. Studio Pilates International® has maintained this long and rich tradition of helping people to strengthen and tone their muscles, assisting them to change their body’s physical structure through exercise

Joining a Studio Pilates International Pilates class is a decision you won't regret and will transform your body.

Studio Pilates studios are a beautiful environment to work out in and our local Pilates classes help to improve posture, muscle tone, strength, mobility and flexibility. They also help to develop increased cardiovascular fitness and promote a stronger, more supportive and stable core with Pilates.

Studio Pilates has a highly experienced team of instructors who are always looking for new students to join a class.

One Pilates class will get you hooked on Pilates especially when you feel just how intense it can be. After your first Pilates class, you'll want to continue to practice Pilates for the rest of your life.


Pilates information and places to do Pilates

Studio Pilates International Hawthorne

246 Hawthorne Rd, Hawthorne, QLD

Ph: 07 3899 4555

e: info@studiopilates.com


Studio Pilates International Hamilton

39 Hercules St, Portside Wharf, Hamilton

Ph: 07 3268 3300

e: hamilton@studiopilates.com