Sculpt your way to Sexy Legs

Written on the 6 January 2016 by Studio Pilates

Which female doesn't long for beautifully toned and sculpted inner thighs, buttocks and quads? These body parts seem to be the so-called 'problem areas' for the majority of women. But don't lose heart as there is a way to firm and tone our legs! Read on to find out how with tips and a home workout. 

The best way to achieve sexy and sculpted legs is with a balance of;

1. Frequent cardiovascular exercise, 

2. A healthy diet consists of fruits & vegetables and non-processed and sugary foods, and 

3. Regular Pilates. 

We recommend that you do four sessions of 45 minutes of cardio, as well as a minimum of three 40 minute Pilates classes a week. Sounds like a lot when you first read it, but lets put it into perspective. That is 5 hours, or 2.9% of your week. Not much when you think about it in the grand scheme of your week.

Below are a few exercises you can do in the comfort of your own home that are targeted to tone your inner thighs, buttocks and quads. Try to fit in this simple workout every morning or evening as the more you target these problem areas, the most likely you are to tone them. 

Inner thigh Lift - Tones your inner thighs 

How: Start lying on your right side with your left leg bent and left foot on the floor in front of you. (If you cannot bend your leg in this position, placing the left knee on the floor is fine). Left hand on the floor infront of the body. Right leg is straight in line with the body, toes pointed. Exhale to raise the leg, inhale to lower the leg slightly but don't rest it. Do three sets of 30, then swap sides and repeat. 


Clam Kickout 90 degrees - Trims and tones your derrière

How: Start lying on your side with both knees bent up to 90 degrees, hips stacked one on top of the other. Create a small space between the waist and the floor, exhale squeeze the top buttock and slowly turn the top knee up towards the ceiling, separately the feet. Inhale lower the leg back down, feet touching together first then knees together. Do three sets of 20, then swap sides and repeat. 


Hinge - Tones quads and abs

How: Start kneeling with arms out in front. Inhale and lean the whole body backwards in one line like a falling tree, hinging from the knees. As you exhale return to vertical, squeezing the buttocks and working the front of the thighs. Do three sets of 10.





Author: Studio Pilates