Sofia Vergara hates exercise, but is a complete Pilates convert

Written on the 2 June 2015 by Studio Pilates

Hot Pursuit actress Sofia Vergara has recently revealed to RedBook magazine that she hates exercise.

"I hate it!" Vergara told the magazine. "I'm in a bad mood two hours before and while I'm doing it and then I'm done, because I know I have to come back and do it again."

Whilst Sofia isn't a fan of most forms of exercise, she's revealed she's addicted to Pilates, so much so that she has a reformer in her home!

Her Pilates trainer Jennifer Yates revealed to People Magazine that they "work out at least 5 times a week for 50 minutes to an hour, depending on her schedule."

Yates also revealed that Vergara is extremely fit and strong and that she loves working her legs and glutes, going exercises both on and off the reformer and combining Pilates with "some of the heavier weights for the lower body."

Image Credit: Redbook Magazine

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Author: Studio Pilates