Written on the 8 July 2015 by Studio Pilates


We have seen the most recent edition to our blossoming network launch with record attendance. More than 300 people have attended classes at Studio Pilates International® Ashgrove in the very first week!

This certainly proves once again that Pilates reformer classes are in high demand and that Studio Pilates International® is the brand of choice for those wanting more from a fitness facility. 

Our Studio Pilates International® owners always get such a buzz from helping people to achieve their fitness goals. Our studios help anywhere from 300 to 700+ people each week!

If you want to do something that you love each day, if you want to do something that creates a positive change in other people's lives, then perhaps being a Studio Pilates International® owner might be the right move for you.

Call 0412 031 550 to find out what's involved in becoming a Studio Pilates International® owner today. It might surprise you how simple and rewarding it can be.

You can also email for more information. 



Author: Studio Pilates