Studio Pilates is forcing their employees to use social media during work

Written on the 21 January 2015 by Studio Pilates

While almost all businesses are banning their employees from using social media during work hours, at Studio Pilates International® we are doing the exact opposite and we are encouraging and even forcing our employees to use it.        

I believe that everyone has a desire to be more connected with other people and everyone wants to know what is going on in the workplace.  In our business we have many employees who work part time and they hardly ever come in contact with each other, and this posed a challenge for us.

The solution was the implementation and company wide use of the social networking site Google+. Google+ uses closed circles or networks of people that you can create and share information with.  By using this, we brought everyone in the company closer together instantly, right in the palm of their hand by using their smartphone.

The use of Google+ at Studio Pilates International® has drastically boosted staff morale and greatly decreased staff turnover as everyone now feels more involved and included.  We post photos of staff events so those who couldn't attend can see what happened, we place company announcements, events and we even place professional development videos into our teams social stream to further enhance the skills of our teams for those who couldn't attend the live event.

Google+ is part of the Google Enterprise for Business suite of applications that many Small to Medium Enterprises are taking advantage of and drastically reducing IT costs. Many larger Australian companies such as Ray White utilise the cost cutting power of the Google cloud and even supermarket giant Woolworths who announced recently that they are moving to this service.

At Studio Pilates International® we have been using Google Enterprise for Business since Early 2012 and in the US currently 66% of of the top 50 Start Ups have 'gone Google', 58% of Fortune 500 companies and 72% of the top Universities have as well with names like Virgin America, DHL, General Electric and CostCo all utilising Google Enterprise.

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Author: Studio Pilates