Studio Pilates Makes it Easier to Run Your Instructing Business

Written on the 12 May 2014 by Studio Pilates

What makes Studio Pilates different? The highest quality training combined with practical instructing resources for you to use in your business!

One of the most valuable resources in the Pilates for Pregnancy Course is the library of printable resources for you to implement in your Pilates classes. This library includes printable class programs, client information sheets, client questionnaires and a pregnancy class preamble!

1. Sample Class Programs

"Don't waste precious time on choreography"

Tired of spending hours choreographing your own classes and ensuring the programs contain safe exercises to perform in each trimester? As a part of the Pilates for Pregnancy Course, you receive sample class programs for both pure Matwork and Matwork incorporating the small equipment. You receive 8 sample programs in total -

  • 2x first trimester programs
  • 2x second trimester programs
  • 2x third trimester programs
  • 2x post pregnancy programs

All programs are colour coded to help you identify stretches, circle exercises, band exercises and new exercises or modifications. All programs also include exercise duration, repetition guides, notes and time codes.

2. Client Questionnaires

"Ask the right questions and get the right answers straight away"

The client questionnaires allow you to print forms for your pre and post natal clients to fill out before attending your classes. These questionnaires also include secondary pages which explain the implications of each question and why this is an important question to ask pregnant or post natal clients.

3. Info Sheets for Clients

"Educated clients makes better clients"

Ever had a pregnant client who wants to keep working their abs and inner thighs in their second trimester despite your warnings? Have you had a post natal client wondering why she still carries weight around her stomach despite losing her baby weight? Studio Pilates has created information sheets which you can print out and hand to your pre and post natal clients. These resources educate your clients on how Pilates can help during the different stages of their pregnancy and what they can expect.

4. Pregnancy Class Preamble

"Deliver a functional preamble which carries over into real life"

In the second and third trimesters, using the regular preamble becomes challenging as clients cannot lie on their back. So how do you then explain T-Zone, the spinal positions and Pilates breathing? Studio Pilates has created a special Pregnancy Class Preamble so you can take your clients through these Pilates basics while standing. This standing preamble is also more functional as it will encourage pregnant women to be more aware of their spinal position when standing in every day life as their stomach grows!

These are some of the many ways Studio Pilates is making it easier for you to run your instructing business, allowing you to spend more time on your clients!

To take advantage of these great resources and enrol in the Pilates for Pregnancy Course today, simply call 07 3899 4555 or 0488 014 618!




Author: Studio Pilates