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Written on the 20 January 2015 by Studio Pilates

Studio Pilates international® offers you our highly popular and incredibly flexible modular system to become a Studio Pilates® studio certified instructor. This means that you have all of the qualifications needed to start your own freestyle Pilates studio or potentially gain employment in a traditional Pilates studio using the Pilates equipment. 

Our modular system breaks each Pilates machine or apparatus into its own module or short course which you can choose to do at separate times or all together in an intensive format upon request.

Our modular system means that once you complete a module, you can commence earning money by teaching the exercises that you have learnt straight away, getting you a swift return on your education investment.

This is very different to some other institutions that force you to endure years of arduous and confusing courses before you can instruct. Our aim is to make it simple and easy for you to start instructing and doing what you've always dreamt of doing.


Full Studio Pilates® Studio Instructor Certification Package Only $4599 save $500!

Studio Instructor Modules Include:

Studio Pilates® Matwork - $899* - $1169

Studio Pilates® Ball, Circle and Band - $360

Advanced Matwork - $360

Studio Pilates® Reformer - $1580

Studio Pilates® Advanced Reformer - $720

Studio Pilates® Wunda Chair - $360

Studio Pilates® Cadillac - $899


To learn more and to have a conversation about Studio Pilates certification courses, simply call our education department on 07 3899 4555 or 0488 014 618

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