Supermodel Irina Shayk Reveals the Secret to her bikini-body - Pilates!

Written on the 7 April 2015 by Studio Pilates



There is no doubt that supermodel Irina Shayk has fantastic genes but the beautiful bikini model credits her wonderful figure to regular exercise and doing what she loves.

She told Viva that she "work[s] out every day and avoid[s] exercises that make my body too muscular. I focus on activities like running, boxing, cycling and Pilates."
She says that its important to respect your body by doing exercise which makes you feel good - which for her is working out as much as five times a week, doing Pilates and mixing it up with "gym or swimming, [or] walking in a park."

Shayk told the Examiner that she has a more relaxed approach to diet but that beauty is ultimately about "the unique combination of little things  that are called 'personal charm,' " and that if you exercise and eat the way that's right for you, it will show.

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Author: Studio Pilates