Tanya Winter: My Pilates Journey

Written on the 21 January 2015 by Studio Pilates

Hi, my name is Tanya Winter I am a Physiotherapist who has a passion for Pilates both in helping my clients and also in sharing my knowledge and experience to teach people how to be great Pilates Instructors.

I was originally introduced to Pilates through my swimming career as a teenager, using it as a cross training tool and for injury prevention and rehabilitation. Part of the reason that I wanted to become a Physiotherapist in the first place was that I was always at the Physio for one injury or another!

It wasn't until I started doing Pilates regularly that I realised that building up more core strength and stability was so important and vital for me it not only helped me improve at swimming, but also stopped me from needing to go to the physio as it prevented the injuries from happening in the first place.

After completing my Physiotherapy degree I then worked as a Physio for about a year. I was finding that working as a Physio could be quite frustrating at times in the sense that clients would come in each week with the same problems if only they would do their strengthening exercises and stretches, they wouldn't need to keep coming back to see me each week! I also found working as a Physio quite challenging on my hands and body massaging all day can take its toll.

So having completed my Pilates training, I went on teach Pilates part time and Physio part time. Once I started teaching Pilates and saw the amazing results it got for my clients, and how rewarding and fun it was as a career, I decided to focus all of my energy on Pilates and have been teaching it solely ever since and still love it just as much all these years later!

Not long after this I was involved in an accident where I fractured my lower back and then I really realised the true value of Pilates and how much it helped me to recover. I have no residual problems with my back at all now, and can do anything I like which I attribute 100% to Pilates I know that I would not be how I am today if it weren't for Pilates. To this day I still do my own Pilates workouts 5 times a week, as it not only helps my body stay free from injury, but is also the most effective exercise method I have ever found in terms of toning and strengthening the body.

In 2002, I Co-Founded Studio Pilates International®, and set up a studio in Hawthorne, Brisbane. I have personally taken over 30 000 clients through Pilates workouts in the studio, both for rehabilitation, sports performance enhancement and general fitness and toning, and double this number of people in matwork classes in the gym setting.

When I went on to employ other instructors to work in our studio, I was finding that I was spending a lot of time up-skilling the instructors, mentoring them and passing on my knowledge and experience to help them be at a level that was needed for them to take over my clients. So it was a natural progression to then venture into the Pilates education side of things formally.

I now focus most of my time on educating and mentoring people to be great Pilates Instructors. I designed and run the Studio Pilates International® Instructor Training courses, which not only teach you how to instruct Pilates exercises, but also the knowledge and skills for injury rehabilitation, and how to work your clients effectively so that they achieve their health and fitness results.

My aim for the education courses is to produce the highest quality Pilates Instructors, and there is nothing more rewarding for me than to see the Instructors I have trained excelling and making a great career out of Pilates, so that they can enjoy helping others through Pilates as well.


Author: Studio Pilates