The difference between complaining in your Pilates class and a complaint

Written on the 21 January 2015 by Studio Pilates

In this article we examine two very different things that are spelt in a very similar way.

Let's first examine complaining. Studio Pilates classes are tough. They work the muscles and build the muscle endurance considerably so people are going to feel the burn.

When feeling the burn, some people are more vocal than others. Some like to suffer in silence and others like to 'let it out' so to speak. This complaining or 'letting it out' is great and is something that should be welcomed and not something to be afraid of. If you've got your whole class moaning and groaning (and doing it with great technique) then you're doing a great job.

Complaining is completely different to a complaint. A complaint is usually when someone comes up to you at the start or end of the class and they tell you they don't or didn't like something in particular.

The best way to approach a complaint is by saying "Thank you, I appreciate your feedback". By doing this, you are not making excuses, you're not passing the buck or blaming someone else. Instead, the member feels listened to, they feel like they've helped to make the classes better for them and for others, they feel they've helped you to improve you're class...and all you've had to say is six little words.

Author: Studio Pilates