The Frustration Bubble

Written on the 20 January 2015 by Studio Pilates

In this article you will learn about a little thing that's called the frustration bubble. Have you ever started a new project or a new job, a new sport or past time and felt frustrated and given up? Of course you have....we all have.

Whenever you start something new you will inevitably get frustrated along the way. This period of frustration is known as the frustration bubble. Like all things there's the start or the beginning to your journey, now your journey may be to lose weight, to start a new career or business perhaps... whatever the journey is, there's always a start and a finish.

Now we often begin our journey not knowing fully what's can do research and ask others that have done it before but you can't see into the future.

Now once you've decided to commence and begin on your journey you could perhaps then enter the frustration bubble, this is where you thought it was going to be plain sailing but you're now realising that there is far more to this than you could have known, challenges pop up and you are faced with the decision whether or not to quit.

Now there's two very interesting things about the frustration bubble... one is that you never know how big the frustration bubble is and when you're in it you never know how close or far the end of it is.

You see if you decide to quit and you only had one tiny little hurdle to jump over when you had already jumped 99 of them then you've wasted your time and energy... the real question is are you going to let the frustration bubble get to you and stop you from achieving your goal? Or are you going to persevere because you believe success is just around the corner? The choice is yours...

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Author: Studio Pilates